Plasterboard and Lignosulfonates

Utilization of StarLig in plasterboard production can lead to substantial energy savings and better quality of board produced at a higher production rate. This applies to both natural and synthetic gypsum raw materials.

The product acts as a dispersing agent and water reducer in plaster mixes. They act on the solid plaster particles breaking down their normal agglomeration due to Van der Waals forces of attraction. This gives a much finer divided state than normal, giving the finer particles a slightly negative charge. Each particle can then move freely against each other due to slight repulsive forces acting on each particle, without affecting the normal hydration process.

The result of this dispersion is that the plaster slurry is much more free-flowing than normal. It is from this effect that a large part of the advantages, of utilizing StarLig, in plaster production is obtained.

Benefits of utilizing StarLig Lignosulfonates:

  • Efficient water reductions can be made in the plaster slurry that can lead to lower drying temperatures and shorter drying periods. Therefore, less pressure on evaporative loadings and energy savings. Also, because lower drying temperatures can be used less “scorching” of the board occurs leading to a better quality of board produced.
  • An increase in the plasticity of the slurry can lead to faster plaster flows therefore, faster belt speeds can be incorporated with higher production rates of plasterboard being achieved.
  • The large increase in plasticity that can be achieved by the introduction of StarLig will give the following,  blowholes can be reduced throughout the board therefore, a better quality of the board and better surface finish at the edge of the boards which leads to lowering of scrap rate.
  • The introduction of StarLig to the plaster mix seems to assist the migration of the starch to the surface of plaster, therefore, more starch available for excellent adhesion to paper leading to stronger bond strengths to the paper again improving the quality of the board and possible starch savings.
  • Usually, best results are achieved by replacing the amount of water taken out of the plaster mix and replacing it with air by addition of some form of an air producing chemical because the water reduction potential available from the addition of StarLig lower density boards can be manufactured, therefore, weight savings and plaster savings can be made.
  • The water reduction capability of  StarLig varies with the quality and purity of the plaster. Normally, dosages of  0,03 to 0,1%  W/W  of the dispersant can give 5 – 10% water reduction, ie 50 – 100 Kg per ton of plaster.
  • For the best results, it is usual to supply plant trials with the StarLig introducing the material with the mixing water.
  • The StarLig can also aid better distribution of the air bubbles incorporated in the mix and more uniformity of the bubbles that can lead to better flexural strength of the boards.

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