Leather Tanning

Leather tanning agents

With the extensive product range of lignosulfonates in the StarLig Program, LignoStar is a designated supplier in the international leather tanning sector. Especially the light-colored StarLig lignosulfonate products are very effective in wet-end processes.

StarLig lignosulfonate products can be used in both vegetable-based and chrome-based leather tanning processes. In the vegetable-based process, StarLig products have a similar structure to tannin. They can be used as integrators for natural and/or synthetic leather tanning extracts, where they intervene directly in combination with collagen in the skins to form chemical links with the protein groups.

StarLig products are also co-reactants in mineral-based leather tanning, both when mixed with tanning salts and in secondary tanning operations. By determining an appropriate base and degree of refining for the lignosulfonate, the characteristics of tanned skins can also be improved. The skins become softer and acquire a better “feel”.

The light-colored sodium lignosulfonates and calcium lignosulfonates in the StarLig Program are solid ingredients in wet-end leather tanning additives world-wide.

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