Dust Protection

Anti-Dust Agent

NODUST Fs100 is a liquid anti-dust agent for fertilizers. Based on modified biopolymers, the product binds and agglomerates dust particles during fertilizer blending and processing.

NODUST Fs100 gives higher efficiency in fertilizer blending and processing with better product quality. The product is ready-to-use and can be applied immediately at room temperature. Preheating is not required. It makes the fertilizer particles hard and dust-free.

NODUST Fs100 is a cost-effective Anti-Dust Agent

  • NODUST Fs100 binds dust particles in the blending process and hardens the granules. Less breakage in storage provides better long-term conservation.
  • Coating with NODUST Fs100 leads to better flow characteristics of fertilizer blends. In combination with e.g. talcum powder, this improves the anti-caking effect in fertilizer blends through a better dispersion of the additives.
  • NODUST Fs100 is also a dispersing agent for coloring agents. Adding colors to the fertilizer blend has never been so easy. A lower quantity of color additives is needed for the same result, leading to further cost savings.

Application of NODUST Fs100 the Anti-Dust Agent

NODUST Fs100 offers great flexibility in dust suppression as it can be used with conventional equipment. It is efficient, effective and offers a long-term solution against dust.

Depending on the blender type, the Anti-Dust Agent can be sprayed onto the fertilizer blend with cone nozzles. The regular dosage is only one-liter NODUST Fs100 per ton fertilizer blend. The dosage can deviate depending on the raw material of the blend and the blending equipment.

Application of the product does not cause any corrosion and it is harmless to humans, animals and plants. NODUST Fs100 can be stored for several months without losing its binding power.

The specialists of LignoStar can assist you at any time for questions on dosage or equipment for your specific situation.

NODUST Fs100 is a modified and purified biopolymer that can be stored for longer periods of time. The product is available all year round in IBC containers (1.000 l) or in tank trucks (25mt).

The production of NODUST Fs100 is subject to strict quality controls according to DIN and ISO-9001.

BlendPlus quality certificate

NODUST Fs100 complies with BlendPlus quality standards of the Dutch Fertilizer Blenders Association NVB.

The Fertilizer Blenders Association represents the common interests of fertilizer blenders at government level and it aims to exchange knowledge and information on fertilizers. By doing so, it performs common actions to improve the quality of blended fertilizers by carrying out studies in order to optimize economical and technical handling.

NODUST Fs100 can be applied with conventional equipment. Most modern blending installations have a dosing unit for oil and other additives. These installations do usually not require any modification for direct application of NODUST Fs100.

For blenders that are not yet equipped with a dosing unit, it is very easy to setup the application process of NODUST Fs100 with a pump and nozzles.


Regular gear pumps can be used for the application of NODUST Fs100. For example, Verdergear Gear Pumps are perfectly suitable for fluid transfer of liquids or expansive materials. They produce a very constant pulsation-free flow without leakage. Magnetically driven gear pumps have no shaft seals and are 100% leak-free. The pumps are perfect for dosing small volumes in a precise and reproducible way.


Depending on the blender type, NODUST Fs100 can be sprayed onto the fertilizer blend with cone nozzles.

Organic farming 

The continued growth in Organic Farming practices requires fertilizer inputs that comply with internationally regulated standards.

Products from LignoStar International have already been approved for use in organic fertilizers, and our team can assist its clients in compiling the necessary information for submission to the relevant authorities in your country/region.

Not all accreditation bodies follow the same procedures, but we have the necessary expertise to provide whatever information is requested.

For more information please consult the NODUST Fs100 product website www.nodustfs.com or contact us at any time by email on info@lignostar.com or by phone on +31 70 4161 714.