StarLig Premium Vanillex dispersant

Vanillex comprises a modified set of lignosulfonates formed through the reactions of the sulfite pulp extract under alkaline conditions at high temperature and pressure, chemically treated to a high degree, followed by purification. In the treatment, lignosulfonate is subjected to hydrolysis, oxidation, de-sulfonation, and demethylation. Therefore, the product differs from conventional lignosulfonate.

The excellent dispersing effect of Vanillex is attributable to the unique proportion of hydrophilic groups such as sulfonate, carboxyl, phenolic OH groups in relation to the hydrophobic C– C3  skeleton. This proportion is much different from that in conventional lignosulfonate. Since Vanillex has been treated with an alkali at high temperature, it has excellent heat-resistance compared with conventional lignosulfonate.

Vanillex can also be applied as an additive for car batteries, where it functions as a battery expander. Just like other conventional products in this area (e.g. Vanisperse), Vanillex promotes the development of fine crystal sponge lead upon formation and then preserves this high surface area structure by preventing coarsening of crystals upon cycling in the negative electrode of lead-acid batteries. By doing so, Vanillex extends the battery life cycle and improves the cold-cranking capabilities as well as an increase in reserve capacity of the batteries.

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