Starlig Premium

LignoStar offers a wide range of lignin-based dispersants, processing aids, and binding agents for application in many different fields. The StarLig Premium products from Nippon Paper are specifically suited as high-performance dispersants for agrochemicalscar battery additivesconstruction chemicals, and dyestuff production. With specific molecular weight distributions, StarLig Premium products are designed to meet demanding requirements for formulating wettable powders, suspension concentrates, and water-dispersible granules.


  • Rheology control for dispersions and suspension concentrates
  • Maintenance of particle suspension in dilute systems
  • Binding of extruded, pan, and spray-dried granules
  • Superior suspension under extra-hard water conditions
  • Binders, extrusion and suspension aids for extruded granules
  • UV protection of photosensitive actives


Vanillex comprises a modified set of lignosulfonates formed through the reactions of the sulfite pulp extract under alkaline conditions at high temperature and pressure, chemically treated to a high degree, followed by purification…

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Pearllex is a chemically treated, refined and highly purified, high molecular weight lignosulfonate. As of the high purity level of the lignin, Pearllex has excellent dispersion characteristics, heat stability and low humid absorption…

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