Caking Protection

Anti-Caking agents

As an exclusive distribution partner of Novochem, LignoStar offers specialized coatings and additives for fertilizer blenders from the NovoFlow product range.

Most fertilizers have some tendency to form lumps or agglomerates during storage. The reason of caking in fertilizers is most often attributed due to the formation of salt bridges and/or capillary adhesion. Fertilizer caking can be influenced by a number of factors, such as chemical composition, moisture content, particle structure, mechanical strength, hygroscopic properties, product temperature, ambient conditions, storage time, and storage pressure. The various techniques of reducing or eliminating caking in fertilizers basically involve process control, storage/packaging conditions, and addition of anti-caking agents.

NovoFlow anti-caking agents are available for each type of production processes, such as blending, granulation, crystallization and for each type of fertilizer. The technical specialists of LignoStar and Novochem are available for the application advice of anti-caking agents for specific fertilizer properties, production process, storage conditions and climatic conditions.

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