NODUST Dust Control

Easy and effective

Dust is an industry-wide problem. From the sand that ruins the crops in the agricultural industry to fine dust near busy arterial roads. In every sector, you can point out different significant environmental and economical based problems. NODUST brings the solution. Lignostar developed different kinds of lignosulfonate-based products that will maximize your economic benefits while still being an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution.

NODUST dust suppression products offer flexibility, high product quality and cost savings to the end-users.


Dust suppression with NODUST Infra offers a unique and user-friendly solution against dust and wind erosion. It saves costs and increases efficiency for the end-users. NODUST Infra gives wind erosion no chance…

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NODUST Agri is a biological dust suppressant for the agricultural sector. The product protects young crops from wind erosion and dust-particle damages. End users can apply NODUST Agri with…

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NODUST Fs100 is a modified and purified product that can be applied in the blending process of fertilizers. It replaces conventional blending oil and makes the fertilizer granules hard with less dust…

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