Granulation Aids

Granulation Additives

The StarLig Program offers the largest assortment of both liquid and powder lignin products in the world. In fertilizers, Lignin is an important process tool for many different compounds. It is a versatile and organic material with a long history in this industry. As water-soluble and bio-degradable binding agents, StarLig lignosulfonates offer sustainable solutions as additives in fertilizer production processes. Especially in granulation and compaction processes, our products provide substantial improvements in production efficiency with excellent granule hardness as well as durability. StarLig Granulation Aids products can be added either in powder or in liquid form, depending on the particular requirements of the client’s base material and process. Each granulation method is unique by nature of the process and the wide variety of fertilizer substrates available. The experienced team of LignoStar can give detailed addition rate suggestions for laboratory or factory evaluations and provide hands-on assistance and guidance for production trials where required.

StarLig Granulation Aids can be used in the production of fertilizers like:

  • DAP
  • Limestone CAN
  • MAP
  • Potash derivatives
  • Polyhalite
  • Chalk
  • NPK
  • Animal waste
  • Calcium Nitrate
  • Urea
  • Peat
  • Other soil improvers

Performance Advantages Granulation Additives

The strong binding power in combination with the ease of application makes StarLig lignosulphonates very efficient and cost-effective production additives. The inherent biodegradability also makes them a sustainable processing aid.

Furthermore, it is important to point out that modified products also function as extremely effective dust suppressants in fertilizer blending operations.

StarLig lignosulfonates will give efficiency advantages to the finished fertilizer product with enhanced application characteristics, better durability during storage and transport, improved suitability for further bulk blending, controlled / targeted release, Improved uptake on soil contact.

In addition, StarLig lignosulphonates on magnesium basis can function as a useful source of Mg, an element which is essential in the photosynthesis process as a building block for Chlorophyll. Also, it is widely known that StarLig lignosulphonates function as urease inhibitors offering another useful characteristic to the formulation of nitrogen based fertilizers.

Organic farming 

The continued growth in Organic Farming practices requires fertilizer inputs that comply with internationally regulated standards.

Products from LignoStar International have already been approved for use in organic fertilizers, and our team can assist its clients in compiling the necessary information for submission to the relevant authorities in your country/region.

Not all accreditation bodies follow the same procedures, but we have the necessary expertise to provide whatever information is requested.


In order to advise your company in lignin additives, please contact us at any time at or + 31 70 4161 714 . We will be pleased to plan a visit and to discuss the possibilities.