StarLig Premium dispersant

Pearllex is a chemically treated, refined and highly purified, high molecular weight lignosulfonate. As of the high purity level of the lignin, Pearllex has excellent dispersion characteristics, heat stability and low humid absorption. Pearllex is available in 25kg bags for just in time delivery all over the world.

As of the unique product characteristics, Pearllex dispersants are highly recommended for Disperse, Vat, Reactive and Acid dyes. Further, StarLig Premium dispersants are used either alone or in blended formulations to meet the specific requirements of a customer’s operation. The choice of dispersant(s) is dyestuff and process dependent.

Primary dispersants, such as Pearllex and Vanillex are mainly used to enable dyeing performance at higher temperatures.

Secondary dispersants, like Pearllex is used for milling and standardization. Pearllex has a very low insolubles and calcium content and is among the least staining products in the StarLig Premium product range.

Milling with dispersant combinations and blends is an effective technique to reduce production cost.

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