Coloring agents

Creating The Right Impact With Color

LignoStar offers coloring agents that are fully compatible with our fertilizer additives. Any color can be supplied and applied directly into the fertilizer blending process together NODUST Fs100 or Novoflow.

In order to facilitate the user-friendliness, our coloring agents do not stain the equipment and other aspects in the plant. Also cleaning of the machines after application is easy and efficient.

Our color solutions give the fertilizer blenders a powerful tool to differentiate their fertilizers, highlight the level of quality and influence their appeal. Some fertilizer end-users need different fertilizer blends depending on which crop is being addressed. However, when fertilizers all look alike, it can be difficult to ensure the appropriate fertilizer is matched with the relevant crop. A solution would be to color a tomato-specific fertilizer red and one designed for leafy vegetables green. Color can be utilized for more than just a visually pleasing afterthought, it can be a valued contribution to a formulation.

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