The StarLig Program

The StarLig Program

The StarLig lignosulfonate Program offers the largest assortment of both liquid and powder lignin products in the world. At LignoStar, we know that the technical requirements for lignin products are mostly very specific and subject to individual production schemes of industrial facilities.

Depending on your specific needs, lignosulfonates are available in e.g. ammonium, calcium, magnesium, or sodium base. Next to standard products, LignoStar can also offer custom-made lignin solutions with modified lignosulfonates as well as kraft lignin products. In this way, the program can provide the best lignin solutions for individual clients on a One-stop-shop basis.

StarLig products can be used as binders, dispersants, liquefiers, or surfactants in many different industries. Contact your LignoStar sales representative for sample material and more information about the possibilities with StarLig products in your sector or explore the functional fields below:

StarLig Program Products:

Lignosulfonate Binders

The binding power of lignin products forms the basis for sustainable alternatives, in several fields of business. Just a small addition of specific types of StarLig can already bring substantial efficiency gains.

Typical fields of application include adhesives, agriculture, carbon black, ceramics, fertilizers, infrastructure, particleboard, and compound feed.

Lignosulfonate Dispersants

The dispersant characteristics of lignosulfonate products can be applied in many different fields as well. For this purpose, the application of StarLig lignosulfonates leads to substantial cost savings in the field of dyes and pigments, oil and asphalt emulsions, fertilizers, oil exploration, and water treatment.

Lignosulfonate Liquefiers

For construction chemicals and battery expanders, StarLig products are widely used as liquefiers and plastifiers. Lignosulfonates increase the fluidity of the mass, reducing the amount of water required.

Lignosulfonate Surfactants

Typical applications for StarLig surfactants can be found in the field of industrial detergents, leather tanning, microelements, and crop protection.

Please contact your LignoStar sales representative for further information and support at or + 31 70 4161 714.

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