StarLig Binders and Fluidizers

StarLig products can be used for many applications, such as conditioning, deflocculation and binding. Deflocculation mainly applies to the milling of clays, where finer particles can be obtained and the formation of agglomerates in the mill avoided. The binding action leads to improved mechanical resistance, right from the green stage before firing. In ceramic house brick production the benefits of using StarLig are most obvious in reduced wastage, and this applies to both extrusion and soft-mud processes.

The increased yield of first quality not only paying for the additive usage, but adding profit to the manufacturing unit.

StarLig products can also give an effective fluidizing effect, thereby reducing the water content of mixtures and slurries. As the products are essentially organic substances, they are almost entirely eliminated by subsequent calcination and firing. Typical StarLig products for this application are calcium lignosulfonate and magnesium lignosulfonate. Also high performance, purified premium StarLig lignosulfonates find use in this application.

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