Dust Control with NODUST Agri

With NODUST Agri, LignoStar is the specialist in biological dust control solutions on agricultural land. This product has been developed in close cooperation with Wageningen University (The Netherlands).

NODUST Agri is a biological dust suppressant for agricultural use. It gives substantial flexibility and efficiency to the end-users. As dust has a big impact on crop yield and sustainability, NODUST Agri provides many advantages due to its natural origin and user-friendliness. In this way, NODUST Agri is a flexible and sustainable solution for dust problems in the agricultural sector.

“Wind erosion is a big problem for agriculture and horticulture on sandy soils. Substantial damage is caused by spreading sand and pathogens in important agricultural areas in Europe. Wind erosion occurs mainly in spring and autumn. Young plants and seedlings can be considerably damaged due to wind erosion.”

Wageningen University

NODUST Agri is an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional dust control:

  • NODUST®Agri offers great flexibility, it can be applied with conventional equipment like field sprayers, slurry spreaders, or water trucks.
  • Easy and flexible application of NODUST®Agri saves end-users waiting times and third party call-out costs.
  • Dust control with NODUST®Agri offers an alternative to liquid manure and prevents over-fertilization of agricultural and horticultural soils. The application of the product is not subjected to legal restrictions.
  • NODUST®Agri is a safe product; it can be sprayed over crops without causing damage to the plants. It does not cause allergies and it is not toxic. The product does not cause corrosion to vehicles and equipment.

With very specific knowledge and experience in this field, LignoStar advises companies and (semi-) governmental organizations all over the world.

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