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Concrete Admixture

One of the largest applications for lignosulfonates is in the concrete admixture industry where they are used as dispersing agents to reduce the amount of water needed to form plastic and workable mixtures. Because of the lower water requirements, the resulting concrete is of increased density, better uniformity, higher compressive strength, and better durability. Lignosulfonates are also utilized as set retarding agents in applications where concrete needs to remain fluid over extended periods of time. Today approximately 100,000 tons of powder and 200,000 tons of liquid are consumed worldwide for admixture usage.

Historically, lignin products have been primarily used in the low range commodity type admixtures. However, because of lignin’s success in low range applications, lignosulfonates are developed for more technical, middle range and high range water reducing admixture products. The goal is not only performance but a reduction in costs by replacing more expensive petroleum-based synthetic chemicals.

StarLig Dispersants and Plasticisers

StarLig lignosulphonates are excellent plasticizers for cementitious systems, reducing water content and improving workability. In addition by reducing the amount of cement required for a given strength, they deliver major cost savings and help to reduce the CO2 footprint. Specific parameters such as retardation and workability retention can be fine-tuned by selecting the optimum StarLig product and corresponding addition rate :

LignoStar Product Selector

Admixture TypeProduct ChoicesWater Reduction
Normal PlasticiserStarLig NA98S
StarLig MG50C
8.0 to 12.0%
Mid Range PlasticiserPearllex10.0 to 15.0%

Benefits of our products in concrete admixture:

Our products’ essential function in concrete is as a dispersant. Use of our products will provide the following key benefits:

  • Improved strength and durability of the cured concrete
  • Reduced formulation cost
  • Increased workability of the concrete mix

It is extremely important to note that the addition rate (by %swbc) has a pronounced effect on the final properties of the mixed concrete. For example, slump retention, retardation, setting time, and strength development.

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