Other Industries

Foundry Processes

The binding characteristics of StarLig lignosulfonate products can be used in the formation of foundry cores. The products can be applied to supplement and replace synthetic binders. Their fluidizing properties facilitate the workability of sands, reducing water content in the mixture, and improving dry mechanical resistance while ensuring excellent surface homogeneity.

Mining and Minerals Processing

StarLig lignosulfonate dispersants are very effective in the separation of minerals by froth floatation. The product’s inherent dispersing and suspending properties provide a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for this purpose. In particular, the superior dispersing properties of StarLig products help to reduce power and water consumption in mining and minerals processing.


Lignosulfonates have a long association with the manufacture of grinding wheels, abrasive papers, and cutting tools. Both ammonium and calcium lignosulphonates act as very efficient and economic binders in the formation of composites made from corundum, silicon carbide, alumina, and other minerals. For example, in grinding wheels production the final mixed composites are subjected to a high compression force, and then thermally treated to give the finished article. Recent innovations in this field have seen an increased use of lignosulphonates combined with Novolac resins to improve rigidity and heat resistance. The benefit here is that lignosulphonates have a phenolic-like structure but are derived from a natural and sustainably managed resource.

Lignin is everywhere

Due to the biological nature of our materials, LignoStar products can be applied in many different fields. New applications for our (modified) lignins are discovered on a regular basis in various sectors.

LignoStar is dedicated to a continuous R&D, innovation and is committed to finding new (niche) markets to add value for long term opportunities. As of our extensive experience with modified lignin products, we are always looking for business partners who share this vision.

For specific information, offers, sample material or support, please feel free to contact us at any time at info@lignostar.com or + 31 70 4161 714.

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