Dust Control

LignoStar is a specialist in the field of biological dust suppression. NODUST Infra can be used for dust suppression in e.g. construction projects, airports, and mines. The product is easy to use and offers a lot of flexibility to the end-user. NODUST Infra can be applied with conventional spraying equipment and is effective, also in dry weather. For more information and advice for specific projects, please contact your LignoStar sales representative.

More information can be found on the product website

Soil stabilization

Also, for soil stabilization, LignoStar offers effective and biological solutions for infrastructure projects and roads. StabiLig soil stabilizers consolidate sandy land areas and can be used for compacting unmade road surfaces. When mixed with inert materials and then pressed, it protects against washing off of fine particulates. It is also used to restore green areas on construction sites after work has been completed.

For more information and advice for specific projects, please contact your LignoStar sales representative at or + 31 70 4161 714.

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