Your One-stop Partner in sustainable lignin solutions

LignoStar Group BV is a specialized international marketing and sales organization for lignin products.

With representation in The Netherlands, Germany, France, the UK and Brazil, we have a special focus on lignosulfonates. For this, LignoStar is an independent agent for most leading producers. Our wide range of over 70 different lignin products offers a unique portfolio and One-stop solutions for international clients.

Lignin sourcing
Innovative supply concepts

The StarLig Program

The StarLig Program offers a wide variety of lignosulfonates as industrial binders, dispersants, liquefiers or surfactants. LignoStar can provide the best possible lignin solutions for individual clients on a One-stop shop basis.

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Lignin is one of the natural polymers found in wood and accounts for 33% of the weight, it is even the second most common organic substance in the world.

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Fertilizer Additives

With over 30 years of experience, LignoStar is a dedicated long-term partner in the fertilizer industry. LignoStar can offer excellent technical and commercial assistance in helping fertilizer companies add value to their products.

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