With over 30 years of experience, LignoStar is a dedicated long-term partner in the fertilizer industry. LignoStar can offer excellent technical and commercial assistance in helping fertilizer companies add value to their products. LignoStar International has a wide range of products to add value and productivity in all industrial fertilizer granulation and blending processes.

Fertilizer Materials

Being a versatile and wholly organic material, lignin is an important process tool for a vast array of fertilizer compounds. It has a long history in this industry and is used commercially for the following:

MAPPotash derivativesPolyhalite
ChalkNPKAnimal waste
Calcium NitrateUreaPeat and other soil improvers

Performance Advantages in the fertilizer industry:

The strong binding power of StarLig lignosulphonates together with their ease of use and inherent biodegradability makes them an invaluable processing aid. However, it’s important to point out that modified products also function as extremely effective dust suppressants in fertilizer blending operations.

They will also impart the following additional benefits to the finished product.

  • Enhanced application characteristics.
  • Improved durability during storage and transport.
  • Suitability for further bulk blending.
  • Controlled / targeted release.
  • Improved uptake on soil contact.

In addition, StarLig magnesium lignosulfonates can function as a useful source of Mg, an element that is essential in the photosynthesis process as a building block for Chlorophyll. Also, it’s widely known that StarLig lignosulfonates function as urease inhibitors offering another useful characteristic to the formulation of nitrogen-based fertilizers.

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