R&D and new product development

Innovations in lignin, sustainably

LignoStar has a unique and rich knowledge of modified lignosulfonates. In our long term strategy, it is our mission to use our experience and expertise in the development of new techniques, products and applications of lignin. We are committed to advancing technologies for the future, developing innovative, sustainable products and applications that enable our customers to deliver efficient, renewable, environmentally suitable end-products. In this way, new product development is a continuous process for LignoStar, adding value to the processes of our clients.

Our specialists collaborate in R&D projects with manufacturers, research institutions and universities. LignoStar’s network of R&D partners comprises of the following references and is steadily growing.

  • Wageningen University
  • Alterra
  • Plant Research International (PRI)
  • Ballast Nedam
  • Bouwend Nederland
  • Senter Novem
  • PPO

Please contact us at any time to discuss the possible cooperation possibilities in lignin related innovations at info@lignostar.com or + 31 70 4161 714.